Pk 1

نمونه سوالات  Pockets




Who is he/he? she is aunt , he is uncle
is she short or tall? She is short ,he is tall

Which number is it ? it’s 5/6/7

How many babies do you see?i see 7 babies

Unit 5

What’s this?it’s a zoo

What are these? They are monkeys

What are those? Those are elephants

Clap like a seal, roar like a lion , swing like a monkey, stamp your feet like an elephant

What is he/she doing? He/she is  clapping/ walking/eating/ drinking..

Which number is it? It’s 0/8/9/10

Unit 6

What’s this? It’s a sweater, bathing suit ,rain coat….

What’s the weather like? It’s sunny,windy,rainy,snowy.

Which number is it? It’s 11/12/13

what are you wearing? I’m wearing….

What is he/ she wearing? He/she is wearing boots, gloves and socks




Unit 4

Who is he/she?she/he is dentist,gardener, nurse…

What does he do?(dentist) he fixes teeth

What does she do?(nurse) She helps the doctor

What’s this?it’s a hospital, fire truck…

Where is the gardener ? he is behind/ next to/ in front of/ under… the tree

How many flowers are there?there are 37 flowers

Count from 1 to 40

H sounds هه like = hospital,hat…

C sounds ک like = cat…

Unit 5

What’s this? It’s a barn,rooster,hen, horse….

Crow like a rooster- feed the hen  - ride a horse….

What does the farmer do in the morning ? he milks the cow

What does the farmer do in the afternoon? He collect the eggs

What does the farmer do at night ? he shears the sheep

How many eggs are there? There are 50 eggs

Count from 1 to 50

R sounds ر like = rabbit , rain….

B sounds  ب  like = banana ,barn…

Unit 6

What’s this? It’s uniform, suit, necktie, blouse…

It’s a big hat, it’s a bigger hat

 How many neckties do you see? I see 60 neckties

Z sounds ز like zebra

K sounds  ک kangaroo

What is he/ she wearing/? She/he is wearing a red shirt and black shoes….